Surprisingly for me, I realised today that I’ve never written an article for International Women’s Day before. As we near calmer waters in the pandemic, teeter into spring and ponder the year ahead I wanted to take a moment and think about all the phenomenal women who’ve played a part in shaping me as a person, either by being a wonderful friend, companion, colleague, coach, mentor or client. You’ll never know the impact you’ve created in my life and I will forever be in your debt.

As a young press officer, it always dismayed me how the focus for International…

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I’ve been thinking a lot about the sisters ‘T’

The ones who are women like you and me

On Twitter the cry ‘invisible women!’

“They’ll erase us!”, they say if the Trans ones get their way

It’s a conundrum you see, between you and me

Cos where will we stop if we don’t draw the line

They’ll beat us in races

And those grown men will perv

In bathrooms and M&S

They’ll come for our daughters


They’ll dress up and lurk in shadows

Our prisons a hot spot for rapists in disguise!

I’ve stood back and listened and watched…

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I had a book when I was a kid called ‘A Step in the Right Direction’. It was a light-hearted book gifted to me because I loved rhymes and daft poems. I loved the quirky and eclectic style of the absurd verses and whimsical illustrations. I kept coming back to leaf through the book during times of uncertainty, even in my teens and twenties.

Until a few years back, I’ve mostly viewed life as a series of stepping stones and tick boxes to check off, things I wanted to accomplish, places I wanted to work, the types of wine I…

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#Awareness Day sharing posts are a bit of a mixed bag. On one hand, they can hi-jack causes and undermine the spirit behind the cause. Brands can get it hideously wrong when trying to piggyback off them and real victims can be overlooked.

On the other hand they are absolutely vital. Painful, perhaps…but vital. We are quick to condemn those who miss their pap smears and immunisations. Talking about these essential health care needs is comparatively easy — just get a smear, you’ll be in and out in under 15 mins, they say. When…

Gemma Louise Treharne-Foose

Comms/PR/Copywriting. MA & MCIPR. Ichibata Ltd. GlobalWelsh pioneer. South Wales Valleys. Cymraeg. Director — GetTheChance4U & Skirt Club writer.

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